Be there Sunday when we receive the Torah for the 3,334th time!

You don't have to travel to the desert - It is happening right here.

Come here the reading of the Ten Commandments!

Sunday, June 5th - 10:00am

Followed by a Dairy Luncheon Kiddush & lots of Ice Cream for the Children.  

Sponsored by Allan Abramson & Gene Moroz!


Shavuos Prayer Schedule:

Candle Lighting on Friday is 7:44pm

Saturday, June 4th
Candle Lighting after 8:46pm From an existing flame.*

Mincha & Maariv 7:45pm 

Night Learning Session at our Home, beginning at 10:00pm - 12:00am
Refreshments will be served


Sunday, June 5th

Chassidus Shiur: 9:00am
Morning Services 10:00am

Reading of the 10 Commandments 11:00am

Followed by Dairy Luncheon Kiddush Sponsored by Allan Abramson

Evening Services begins 7:45pm 

Light Candles after* 8:47pm

*Light only from
pre-existing flame.


Monday, June 6th
Chassidus Shiur 9:00am

Morning Services 10:00am

Yizkor 12:00pm

Followed by Dairy Luncheon Kiddush Sponsored by Gene Moroz

Followed by Mincha

Holiday ends  8:47pm

Maariv will be 9:00pm


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